Thursday 6 January 2011

Barefoot in the snow

It's been fun and challenging running barefoot in this cold weather. In December David and I tackled a few snow runs which are in many ways easier than running in frosty conditions. Snow underfoot might be cold, but it's soft so it's less abrasive. On one of the runs that we filmed, once our feet were warm it was actually verging on comfortable! We did shock - even scare - the few people that were out and about on that day. One woman stopped in her tracks and gasped, "good God!" as we ran past. Hee hee, I love it when that happens - to be doing something remarkable is such an energy boost. I would recommend that anyone who is in rut or feeling sluggish: do something out of the ordinary. Do it now!

I'm going to attempt to attach some video footage onto this so we'll see how that pans out......

Happy New Year!